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Portlandia to become a book that, yes, may or may not have a bird on it

In the tradition of Pawnee: The Greatest Town In America and Stuckeyville: That Place Where That TV Show ‘Ed’ Was Set, Remember That? (self-published), IFC’s Portlandia is getting its very own tie-in book due November 20. Grand Central Publishing will release Portlandia: A Guide For Visitors, which will lead readers through some of the city’s landmarks, restaurants, and assorted boutiques in a voice similar to that of the show—like Rick Steves with more jokes about dumpster-divers and DJs. Considering Portlandia is sort of the TV equivalent of one of those amusing, adorable tchotchkes you’ll find on the shelves of Urban Outfitters, and it will now become an actual amusing, adorable tchotchke that you’ll probably be able to find on the shelves of Urban Outfitters, this all seems very logical.


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