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Last week, Netflix announced the directors and stars who will make us all feel bad for how much we love our phones in the third season of Charlie Booker’s sci-fi/horror anthology series Black Mirror, giving us an idea of what that batch of new episodes will look like. Now, Pitchfork is giving us an idea of what they’ll sound like by reporting that Portishead’s Geoff Barrow will be reuniting with composer Ben Salisbury to write the score for season three of Black Mirror. The pair worked together on Alex Garland’s Ex Machina last year, so they already have some experience with spooky sci-fi stories.

Pitchfork also notes that Barrow and Salisbury will be writing the score for Annihilation, Garland’s next feature, which stars Oscar Isaac and Natalie Portman. That movie is about some science people investigating the mysterious disappearances of some other science people, so at least it seems like it’ll be a little less existentially haunting than Black Mirror.


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