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Portia de Rossi to appear on Scandal next season

On Scandal, Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope uses a never-ending supply of genius-level schemes to get rich and powerful people out of trouble. She rigs elections, she covers up murders, and she does it all while wearing fabulous coats and sleeping with the president. Though her work as a “fixer” is usually focused on Washington D.C., there’s one rich and powerful family from California that could absolutely use her help: The Bluths.

Look, we’re not saying Scandal is definitely going to have a crossover with Arrested Development, but Ellen DeGeneres and Scandal’s writers both confirmed that Portia de Rossi is going to appear in Scandal’s upcoming season. De Rossi played Lindsay Bluth Fünke on Arrested Development, and her character did start dabbling in politics during that show’s fourth season. It’s not that big of a leap to assume she eventually ends up in D.C. and, thanks to her family’s characteristic tendency to ruin everything it touches, she would probably need help cleaning up a big mess at some point.

We know that de Rossi’s arc will last multiple episodes and be “top secret,” but that’s it. Until we know more—and maybe even after that—we’re just going to assume that it really is an official Arrested Development crossover. Maybe Lindsay changed her name and cut ties with her family after the last season or something.


(h/t Yahoo)

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