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Contrary to what scaremongering pundits and hacky joke writers would have you believe, the Internet is not made entirely out of porn. It’s not even mostly porn. The most recent data from Dr. Ogi Ogas and Dr. Sai Gaddam, co-authors of the highly publicized study A Billion Wicked Thoughts, indicates that only 4 percent of all websites and 14 percent of all online searches are for porn.


But man, those searches. Is there anything more revealing than what a person types into a search engine when they think no one is looking? Well, now someone is looking, and you can peer directly into the ids of horny strangers on Porn MD’s Live Searches page. The page gets its data from search terms users enter into PornHub, which according to its own statistics is the no. 1 free porn site in the world.

It’s simple: Choose between straight, gay, and the unfortunately named “tranny” and see what people around the world are flogging the bishop to right this very second. All three feeds just go on and on and on, and watching them elicits reactions ranging from shock (there’s more incest than you might think) to uncontrollable giggling (“fartting”) to deep pathos (“t-lady from dreams”).


Here’s some highlights from a mere five minutes of staring into the void:
cum funny
ghetto grannies
oops wrong hole
she promised
hair wash shampoo bathtub
carnaval bullying lingerie clean
black santa clause
best ever japanese
pussy weird
poo pee filthy sex
cherokee fetich
xxx elfe porn
34 yo
anal golf club
orange in ass

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