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Pornhub asks users to stop posting videos of Germany fucking Brazil

Appropriately enough for nasty things happening around a cup, Germany’s crushing, 7-1 defeat of Brazil quickly made its way to Pornhub, prompting the adult site to beg for less for the first time in porn history. Highlight clips from yesterday’s World Cup match—most of them involving Germany’s Die Mannschaft going balls-deep on Brazil’s waiting goals an impressive three times in 76 seconds—quickly began popping up on Pornhub, under titles like “Young Brazilians get fucked by entire German soccer team.”

Unfortunately, that gag soon got in the way of the site’s preferred type of gags, prompting its spokesperson, Pornhub Katie (Oh, of the Connecticut Pornhubs?), to plead for decency from users of its masturbation movies.


Of course, it’s hard to tell whether these videos were really uploaded before or only after Pornhub Katie’s quip, because I’m at work right now, and there’s no way I’m looking at Pornhub, even for “research.” But the important thing is these pranks have since been removed, at last returning dignity to Pornhub. And now Brazilians can feel safe in returning to another site where they’re never going to score.


[via The Independent]

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