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There are few means of promotion more coveted than the celebrity endorsement. As we’ve seen time and again, a Beyoncé lyric can revitalize a fledging brand, while a rebuke from a Jenner can crater a company’s stock. When Kanye West unabashedly flew his freak flag for Pornhub on Jimmy Kimmel last month, the streamer didn’t hesitate to woo an artist who’s clearly not putting much thought into who he’s cavorting with these days.

Pornhub began by tempting West with a lifetime membership to the site, then reportedly offered him a chance to direct a scene. Whether or not he took the site up on either offer is unknown, but, as his recent single reveals, his sexual fantasies continue to evolve. Now, Page Six reports that “insane negotiations” are in motion for West to serve as creative director for the first-ever Pornhub Awards, which will unfold on Thursday at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles.


What ‘Ye’s creative choices would entail bring to mind an onslaught of images: Puppets, big sandals, and at least one “Imma let you finish” ejaculation joke. However it shakes out, we’re pretty sure Trent Reznor won’t like it.

Pornhub appears to be continuing its march towards mainstream infiltration, interspersing its celebrations of MILFs and weird, unnerving parodies with what Page Six calls the “celebrity of the year,” an award for which West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, and sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, are nominated. The recruitment of West would take them even further in that pursuit—much further, one might imagine, than their previous celebrity dalliance.


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