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Popular PC game Myst being developed as a feature film, at a rate of one frame per every 30 seconds

Popular '90s computer game Myst is being adapted into a feature film, Variety reports, with the coincidentally named Mysteria Film Group saying it plans to draw on the mythology expanded on in several tie-in novels to flesh out the narrative. For those who spent the early ’90s cybersexing on America Online instead, Myst was a moody, slowly paced, point-and-click interactive adventure that required players to solve a series of puzzles, unlock various clues, and collect journal pages (but only one at a time!) in order to explore a mysterious deserted island.

And while that lack of any real storyline—which was hailed as both “revolutionary” and “super boring” by its original players—would seem to hamper any attempt at adaptation, the proposed film will reportedly focus on ideas introduced in the trilogy of books published around the time of the sequel Riven, which told the story of a world-creating civilization called the D’ni and an Earth woman who accidentally intruded into their society. In keeping with the spirit of the original game, the Earth woman will just keep wandering into scenes she’s already been in and going, “I’ve looked at this stupid ship 10 times now! What am I supposed to be doing here?” before just giving up and logging off to play Minesweeper.


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