Two genres, both alike in dignity, in fair Internet, where we lay our scene. The storied sonnet, and the modern pop song, their mutual enmity the fertile ground for feuds and mutual disdain. From forth the lyrical loins of these two foes, a Tumblr, star-cross’d, doth emerge, to turn pop songs, from the Boys of Yon Back Streets and the Doctors Of The Spin, into sonnets in the way of Avon’s favored bard.

So, yeah, here’s Pop Sonnets, a new Tumblr that produces a weekly reinterpretation of pop songs like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” and, of course, “Let It Go,” from Frozen, as classical sonnets. So far the site seems dedicated to the Shakespearean form, so if you’ve been desperately jonesing for rap lyrics transformed into Petrarchan style, you might have to make it yourself. I mean, it’s not like Shakespeare and Jay-Z have anything in common. Or… do they?