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Pop some garmonbozia and play this Twin Peaks VR game

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If that 4 1/2-hour Twin Peaks explainer managed to drain you of your fascination with David Lynch’s small-town nightmare, maybe this new VR game made in collaboration with Showtime and David Lynch will entice you back into the Red Room.


But Collider Games’ new title looks less like a game than it does an experience. Inside its digital confines, you’ll be able to navigate a number of locations from both the original series and the 2017 season, from the Twin Peaks police station to the train car where Laura Palmer was killed to the structure on the purple sea where Cooper sat by the fireplace with Naido, the blind woman. “Fans of the franchise will be able to solve various puzzles and discover many Easter Eggs from the show that will help them in their journey,” reads the game’s Steam copy. You’ll also, per the trailer, do battle with a Killer BOB orb, so be sure to slip on the magic glove you just knew would come in handy.

This being a VR experience, you’ll need a PC and an HTC- or Oculus-made headset to play. A PlayStation version is apparently in the works, though.


Watch the trailer below and pick it up on Steam here.

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