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Pop network picks up One Day At A Time for a new season

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We live in a bizarre new world where Netflix has started canceling beloved shows too soon and opening the door for traditional networks to swoop in and save them, which is exactly what is happening to One Day At A Time. The streaming service canceled the series back in March, following an unsuccessful fan-campaign to convince Netflix not to do it, but earlier this month the producers noted that they were still working to try and find a new home for the show. That work evidently paid off, because Deadline is reporting that the CBS-owned Pop network has picked up One Day At A Time for a 13-episode fourth season that will air at some point in 2020. Plus, in another nice twist, old episodes of One Day At A Time will start airing on CBS later in 2020, giving more TV viewers a chance to check out a show that they missed on Netflix—if the streaming service’s statements about low ratings are to be trusted.

One Day At A Time executive producer and showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett spoke with Deadline about the surprise renewal, saying that the move from Netflix to Pop has necessitated some changes to the budget. “We all made sacrfices, we all came up with compromises in order to keep the show going but nothing to prevent us from making the show that we wanted to make,” she expalined. That being said, she notes that Pop made it “very clear” that it wants the One Day At A Time team to keep making the same show, so it seems like everyone involved wants to do what’s best for the future of the series—but of course nobody in this situation would say otherwise.

Other than the budget changing, it sounds like the show’s fourth season will pick up right after the third, though Claderon Kellett teases that there will be “some version of politics” to talk about now that it’ll be airing in an election year. The full cast was all still under contract until October, though some of the writers have since taken on new jobs and won’t be returning.

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