Image: Mass Hysteria 2

Kawaii pop artist Truck Torrence (a.k.a. 100% Soft), best known for making the official Star Wars and Marvel Studios emoji, is back at it with a new pop-culture focused series called “Mass Hysteria 2.” Using the hallmarks of kawaii pop art—giant eyes, rounded shapes, and simplistic features in fun hues—Torrence has tackled one of last summer’s biggest hits, Mad Max: Fury Road. The massive five-foot piece is a giclée fine art print, created digitally, which took “easily over 20 hours” to finish, according to Torrence. “I started working on it in mid-April,” he added.

The new collection also features Breaking Bad and Harry Potter characters and has over 700 illustrated characters spanning across over 20 prints, more of which can be seen here.


View a trailer for the new collection (or check it out in real life at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles through September 17) below.