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Pop a tab and check out the new Run The Jewels video

(Photo: Run The Jewels)

Run The Jewels 3 crashed down back in January, but we’re just now getting the first video off Killer Mike and El-P’s latest opus. Directed by Brian Beletic—who also helmed the group’s classic “Deep Space 9mm”—“Legend Has It” drops the duo into a nightmare scenario: trying to survive the world’s most biased police line-up with a tab of acid melting in their systems. As prison population statistics flash on the screen and striaght lines blur, “icons of innocence” surround the guys, brought in by cops who want to be certain they‘ll finger their men. The potent political subtext can’t distract from RTJ’s flow or their inherent sense of silliness, though, taking a moment to remind Facebook viewers that “No bunnies were hurt in the making of this video.”

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