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Political cartoon site The Nib has lost its funding, pledges to go on

Pictured: A nib.
Photo: DeAgostini (Getty Images)

If you’ve spent much time on Twitter over the last few years, you’re probably familiar with The Nib, the political cartoon site and magazine founded and run by cartoonist Matt Bors in 2013. We’ve highlighted the site’s work numerous times, applauding its ability to find just the right image to accompany a trenchant political point, or to play host to long, thoughtful visual essays on a variety of topics. For the last three years, the site has been owned and financially supported by First Look Media (the independent journalism organization that also publishes The Intercept and Topic) but now that relationship has apparently come to a close—although The Nib will hopefully live on.


Bors made a post on the site today, revealing that First Look was cutting the funding for the site and laying off all its employees, but that arrangements were being made for him to continue to publish independently. He noted that a full response about the site’s future would come on Monday, but for now:

I founded this publication almost six years ago to highlight political and non-fiction comics in a media environment that doesn’t support them. I refuse to walk away from this project or let it die after the successes of our last year. There are are too many of you who have expressed support and written to say how important it is to you. So we’ll keep going.

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