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Police set up camera to record wildlife, capture shithead teens instead

Image: Facebook

The boys and girls in blue of Gardner Police Department in Kansas had a problem: a goddamn mountain lion. So they set up a couple night-vision cameras to try to gather some information—you know, to serve and protect the goddamn populace—and instead picked up another problem: a bunch of teens horsing around like jackasses.

Look at these punks:


Slipknot’s sixth album won’t record itself:


This—actually, this one’s just a dog. What do mountain lions look like?


And then they’re back at it again, with the walker and the knife-like object.


The police department seems to find a silver lining in the situation, thanking the citizens for their “effort and sense of humor.” The townsfolk of Gardner, Kansas, meanwhile, now must fear two menaces in their midst: roving mountain lions and, worse, roving teens.

[via Deadspin]

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