Echoing the Baltimore arrest of a man named Omar Little earlier this year, police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama are currently searching for one Walter White on charges of manufacturing meth—which is both the name of a character and the occupation of said character on the show Breaking Bad. And just like the fictional Walter White, the real-life Walter White is in his 50s and has an apparently unshakable attraction to cooking methamphetamine, having been arrested for doing so in 2008 (the same year Breaking Bad debuted) and released on probation, only to violate it earlier this year on the exact same charges.

Unlike the fictional Walter White, the real-life Walter White is not a fascinating character study of the depths one man will go to for self-preservation, even as he becomes corrupted by power and greed, and the moral center that once set him apart from the criminal element he so disdained slowly erodes, leaving an aching void that he can never quite fill. He also doesn't wear a cool hat or say cool things about knocking. He is, in fact, just a real dude who's addicted to meth. But oh, life's amusing coincidences!  [via People]