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Poliça rises above the “Melting Block” in this new remix for Master & Dynamic

Poliça's Channy Leaneagh (Photo: Erik Madigan Heck)

Earlier this month, Poliça dropped a stunner of a third album, United Crushers, the band’s “most dynamic, expansive collection yet,” and delivered a rousing performance at our annual SXSW party. Hot on the heels of its stint in Austin, the Minneapolis-based group is teaming up with Master & Dynamic as the latest inductee to their In-Residence program, which digs deep into the artistic process to see what makes them tick.

“I like to think of United Crushers as a break-up record to myself,” vocalist Channy Leaneagh told Master & Dynamic of her band’s latest. “It’s saying goodbye to ways about me that don’t work and speaking outside myself more so.” If that’s the case, then album standout “Melting Block” is a kiss-off to a constricting living arrangement, a way to move beyond the borders of a neighborhood that hampered creativity. The A.V. Club has the premiere of the smoldering Mark McGee Remix of “Melting Block,” which you can listen to below:


In this exclusive remix of the track for the In-Residence program, the themes of suffocation get heightened; the structure remains intact, but the sounds are more haunting and more desolate, a percussive roar occasionally threatening to swallow Leaneagh’s vocals whole.

Poliça’s United Crushers is available now on Mom + Pop Records.

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