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Polaris’ Mark Mulcahy visits the set of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete in a new video

Toby Huss' Artie, animated

With a reissue of Music From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete on the way for Record Store Day and some upcoming tour dates, it’s a good time to be into Polaris. The Mark Mulcahy-fronted act initially garnered acclaim as the band that sang the Pete And Pete theme and provided much of the show’s background music and then went away for a while, but the group has since reunited, even recording and releasing a few new tracks last year. Fans of Polaris, Mulcahy, and the brothers Pete should find much to like in a new video, below, from Boston music blog Allston Pudding. In the clip, animated by Nick Canton, Mulcahy—as alter ego Muggy Polaris—recounts an early ‘90s visit to the New Jersey set of Pete And Pete, as well as some hot water he got into over stealing Little Pete’s sweet Stingray bike. It’s cute, especially with Toby Huss’ Artie, The Strongest Man In The World, gets in on the fun.

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