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Poland schedules Roman Polanski’s extradition hearing for September

Roman Polanski will have a day in court next month in Poland to help determine whether or not he’ll see any more jail time for a rape he committed in 1977. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which shared the news that Poland has scheduled another extradition hearing for Polanski on September 22. The country has been more than a little reluctant to send Polanski back to the United States, what with his being a Polish citizen and established director who’s currently filming a movie in his homeland. If the extradition request is granted in a lower court, it must still be approved by Poland’s justice ministry.

In 1977, Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, but was allowed (reportedly for the victim’s sake) to plead guilty to the lesser charge of sex with a minor. Polanski was sentenced to a 90-day psychiatric evaluation; he was released after 42 days, but his lawyers later learned the trial judge planned to have Polanski complete his sentence and agree to deportation. Polanski seemed okay with that last part and fled to Europe to avoid answering for his crimes. He has tried repeatedly to have his case overturned, even retaining Alan Dershowitz’s services. But all of that legal maneuvering just seems to have revived interest in actually seeing Polanski punished.

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