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Pokémon is terrifying when recreated in Grand Theft Auto

Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V is both a murderous psychopath and a severe methamphetamine addict. But maybe there’s something sweeter and more innocent buried in the cratered wreckage of his brain. A Trevor who doesn’t want to go off on paranoia-fueled murder binges, but instead just wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.

That’s the hopeful vibe that emerges in this recreation of the Pokémon theme song, made in Grand Theft Auto V by YouTube personality Merfish. Merfish has already made a few television intros using the game’s editor, though this may be the most thematically disparate.


Merfish does an admirable job in capturing the upbeat spirit of Pokémon’s opening theme song, though it’s impossible to scrub all traces of Grand Theft Auto’s misanthropic DNA. The game’s limited editing tools give the Pokémon the appearance of a furry convention getting into a kerfuffle with the Blue Man Group in a hotel lobby. Also, a lot more people are consumed by fire.

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