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Pokémon Go is finally adding those new monsters, so you might as well reinstall it

(Image: Niantic, YouTube)

It may seem like it was a decade ago, but it’s only been about seven months since everyone in the smartphone-having world became obsessed with Pokémon Go (and six months since everyone got tired of it), and now the developers at Niantic are finally adding the new batch of pocket monsters they’ve been teasing for a while. In December, Niantic announced that creatures from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal would be coming to the game, and now the studio has revealed that the Pokémon Go update including 80 of those monsters will be released at some point this week.

Nerdist did some detective work to try and figure out which 80 monsters will be included, but all it could really determine is that about 14 of the eligible monsters from Gold, Silver, and Crystal will be left out. You can see a trailer for the new Pokémon below, but you should probably start camping out at your nearest church or park as soon as possible so you can retake the gym from whoever is still playing Pokémon Go these days.

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