Reminding us that ‚Äúcatching them all‚ÄĚ is as futile a goal as anything else in our dumb, distraction-prone lives, developer Niantic has announced that it‚Äôs finally adding new monsters to Pok√©mon Go. Pok√©mon from the second generation of the long running game series‚ÄĒPok√©mon Gold, Silver, and Crystal‚ÄĒwill now hatch from eggs, even though at least one of them, Togepi, already lives in an egg, which just seems kind of confusing to us.

The new monsters‚ÄĒwhich also include Pichu and unnamed ‚Äúselect others‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒare presumably part of Niantic‚Äôs latest effort to get users to dust off their Pok√©dex, sweep the built-up Pikachu crap out of their boxes, and dip back into the game. The developer launched a similar effort back in October, offering increased candy drops and a spate of spooky ghost Pok√©mon for Halloween, and has been devising partnerships with companies like Sprint and Starbucks to lure people back to Pok√©mon Go. Surprisingly, though, there‚Äôs been no attempts to tie Go into the recently released Pok√©mon Sun and Moon, despite the fact that at least some of the enthusiasm for those latest entries stems from the mobile game‚Äôs sudden success when it was released back in July.


[via The Verge]