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Point Break remake moved to Christmas, the most popular surfing holiday

They may not be scared of robbing banks or riding the most bodacious waves, but it seems there’s one thing the surfing criminal masterminds of the Point Break remake don’t want to go up against: special agent Ethan Hunt. Shortly after we first covered Paramount’s decision to move Mission: Impossible 5 (“No, this time we swear the mission really is impossible”) up from Christmas to July 31, Variety reports that Warner Bros. is moving the release of Point Break to Christmas day, essentially swapping places with the blockbuster franchise.

The remake, which stars Luke “We Couldn’t Get Chris Hemsworth” Bracey in the Keanu Reeves role and Edgar Ramirez as the guy who’s going to remind everyone they’re sad Patrick Swayze is gone, is now the fourth film set to open on Jesus’ birthday. It will join the Paramount animated film Monster Trucks, the Will Smith-hates-football drama Concussion, and the movie where Jennifer Lawrence invents a mop and sells it on the Home Shopping Network. Ramirez also co-stars in that last film, meaning he will be going up against himself at the box office, which is fitting given that the Point Break remake will also be going up against the memory of itself as a great movie from a couple decades earlier.


Warner Bros. also announced that it will release Creed on November 25. The Rocky spinoff—much like the Italian Stallion himself—is still ignoring everyone’s requests to please throw in the towel and not do this anymore, because it’s only hurting itself.

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