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Please submit all of your Veronica Mars movie requests to this one, easily ignored e-mail address

The relentless, Kristen Bell-led campaign to get Warner Bros. to make a Veronica Mars film has finally captured the attention of studio executives, who bowed to overwhelming fan sentiment by creating this dedicated e-mail address, where all of your Veronica Mars-related requests can go to die. But while the creation of a separate, easily ignored line of communication between Warner Bros. and you the people—along with its public unveiling in the dead air of a Friday night—would seem to suggest that the studio has next to no interest in actually considering the project, and that it would just as soon reduce all of that petitioning into one cordoned-off “protest zone” like they do at political rallies, at least it’s a good way to ensure Warner Bros. has your personal e-mail address, so it can keep you informed of other projects that may interest the average Veronica Mars fan. We did it! [Playlist]


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