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Please stop pitching Cecily Strong your SNL sketches

Photo: Saturday Night Live

If there’s a universal comedian experience, it’s being pitched joke ideas everywhere and anywhere you go. And it’s bad enough when it’s just your family at Thanksgiving, but it’s even worse when you’re on Saturday Night Live and every Joe Schmo thinks they can help you out with a sketch concept. So Cecily Strong stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to ask that people stop pitching her ideas on Facebook, please. Especially because she might be downright cruel to you about it.

“During the year I get this weird mean edge,” Strong explains. So when someone sends her a terrible sketch idea, she thinks, “You know what? I’m going to produce that exactly like you just said. I’m going to cast it perfectly. We’re going do this and I want to show you what a bad idea that is.” Strong, at least, is self aware about her bizarre internal reaction to people trying to help her out. “It’s such a mean response for someone that means so well,” she admits.


During the interview, Strong also talks about her embarrassing stories from her performative childhood. Plus she reveals she has a lot of sympathy for potential first lady Melania Trump, whom she plays on SNL. “She didn’t ask for any of this,” Strong explains to Meyers. “Her world is her child Barron and gowns and just being gorgeous and glamorous.” So leave Mrs. Trump alone too. Unless, of course, you’re making fun of her son’s name.

[via Deadline]

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