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Please stop confusing Dr. Phil with TikTok memes

Photo: Jason Kempin (Getty Images)

Dr. Phil is 69 years old, so, no, we wouldn’t expect him to know TikTok memes. In fact, we prefer that he embrace his ignorance, lest he take after the Utah Department of Transportation and start bellowing “yeet” from the rooftops. Granted, you might as confused as the good doctor, who took to Twitter earlier this week to ask after both the humble VSCO Girl and the “sksksksksksk” meme, which, even if you don’t know what it is, you’ll likely enjoy hearing in his Southern accent. He also pondered over “And I-Oop,” which he (understandably) assumes to be something “inappropriate.” Well, it both is and isn’t.


Okay, Phil, so a VSCO Girl is a teen or tween who can’t be separated from her generic oversized hoodie or reusable straw. Got it? This should help with “Sksksksksk.” And allow the great Jasmine Masters to elucidate you on “I-Oop.” Put them all together and you’ve got TikTok, as well as whatever the hell is happening in Phil’s mentions.

While a few people took the liberty to explain what these terms mean in his replies, most users have decided to poke a little fun at his cluelessness.


Dr. Phil just might become a meme himself after all of this, thanks to one reply guy’s perfect edit.


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