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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Please enjoy this trailer of Chris Evans saying some very nice things about some very good dogs

We don’t normally cover IMAX documentaries in-depth on this site, but, then, most big-screen nature docs don’t feature an Avenger saying nice things about dogs, which is the sort of thing that gives this trailer for Superpower Dogs a kind of natural competitive advantage. Human golden retriever Chris Evans sounds extremely happy to be telling the audience about Halo, Henry, Reef, Ricochet, Tipper, and Tony, all of whom are highly trained at things like disaster response and avalanche rescues, and who are also—as far as the evidence can tell us, anyway—very good boys or girls.

Per IMDB, the film is 55 minutes long, and will air in various IMAX theaters starting in March. For now, though, we can just bask in these Evans-narrated 114 seconds, watching dogs surf, ride ski lifts, and just be all-general purposes Good, while also getting more done in a day than most of the (non-Chris Evans) human beings we know manage to accomplish all year.

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