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Please enjoy this terrifying song composed entirely of comments on Shania Twain's Facebook page

“A donut, a mustang, a parking lot, Shania”
“A donut, a mustang, a parking lot, Shania”
Photo: Al Bello (Getty Images)

There’s something about posting on a Facebook fan page that makes people forget all rules of grammar, spelling, and common sense. Maybe it’s just nervousness or maybe the only people who think it’s a reasonable way to reach their favorite artists are children, but if you look in the comments section of any official Facebook page, you’re bound to find some weird stuff. Recently, YouTube songwriter Hot Dad spent an undisclosed amount of time collecting a bunch of that weird stuff from the Shania Twain Facebook fan page and transformed it into a loving tribute to the Ms. Twain herself.

This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song For Shania)” consists of over five minutes of pure, uncut ramblings from the aunts and uncles of Facebook, all set to a driving beat. In addition to being a catchy tune, it’s also a fantastic showcase of all the weird stuff people feel comfortable saying online to famous strangers, like, “I’m not a stalker nor a weirdo. I am just a fan of beautiful ladies.” Some comments are more innocuous, like the simple “Good morning Shania Twain,” while others highlight what is probably just a language barrier, if we’re being charitable: “I love your faces, lipstick, mouth and color of your hair on this photo!” The commenters’ names have been blurred out to save them public embarrassment, but, really, they should be honored to be included in such a damn good song.


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