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Please enjoy this sprawling ode to Bob Ross cleaning his paintbrush

With the rise of ASMR videos, humanity has learned all sorts of new things about sounds we like to hear. For instance, some people are way into listening to barbers very quietly insult them while others apparently love the noises of women eating honeycombs right next to a microphone. Considering how vast and unknowable the world of ASMR appears to be, we’re happy to present you with the latest in what is sure to set some ears a-tingling: nearly an hour of Bob Ross cleaning his paintbrush.


A YouTuber named Rhodri Marsden has meticulously combed through seasons of Ross’ The Joy Of Painting to bring you 45 lovingly curated minutes of the painter washing and knocking the shit out of his brushes. Watch (and, more importantly, listen) for yourself to shiver with delight as a gentle voice describes proper cleaning techniques over and over and over again.

Ever conscious of his educational role, Ross repeatedly advises amateur painters to be careful with their brush washing, avoiding spills that will “redecorate the living room” or “cover the studio.” He also extols the virtues of beating “the devil out of” brushes as a good way to vent the frustrations of daily life. “It’s better than kicking the puppy dog around and all that,” he says. Which, of course, is true.

In the past, we’ve covered Ross’ brush cleaning as a rare opportunity to witness his violent side, but it isn’t until now that viewers have had an opportunity to sit back and relax for almost an entire hour of these moments. Do with it what you will.

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