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Please enjoy these truly disgusting claymation shorts from The Belko Experiment

Screenshot: YouTube

The gory social-experiment horror flick The Belko Experiment comes out tomorrow, but parties interested in getting a dose of its brand of visceral workplace brutality are in luck. Filmmakers Greg McLean and James T. Gunn teamed up with animator Lee Hardcastle, a stop-motion specialist with a taste for the macabre, to make a trilogy of incredibly violent short films. At around half a minute each, they provide a decidedly low-investment way to see what it looks like when a cute claymation toy gets mowed down by an assault rifle or beaten to death or has its head exploded or, well, has its head exploded again. There are a lot of heads exploding.

If that is not enough, take a look at the 9 Circles Of Cinematic Gore, which we made in conjunction with The Belko Experiment team. These people really love gore.


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