Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” is the best show to watch if you want to get really mad about the state of capitalism or just watch a celebrity’s brain melt in real time. The web series’ latest guest is Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, who plays perennially imperiled pre-teen Will Byers, and we’re happy to report that not a single slug or monster springs forth from the comically overpriced footwear he’s here to ogle.

As such, it’s a delight to see the cherubic young actor do something besides be utterly terrified. Throughout the interview, Schnapp adorably talks about how co-star Caleb McLaughlin has “the freshest shoes,” the ways in which Stranger Things allows him “to experience what it’s like to be my dad as a kid,” and “rolling up to first grade” in a pair of sneakers that got him a slew of compliments. He also discusses how he’s “renting” a pair of blue-tint Yeezys because he’s “gonna be with this girl I like and I want to impress her.” Please god don’t let her turn out to be a demogorgon.


It’s also lovely to see that, for all the show’s success, he seems to have preserved some of his innocence. “There’s so many things you can do with $40,000,” he balks after failing to be impressed by a shoe that costs as much. “I don’t think I’d buy a shoe for $40,000.” Even when he ends up spending nearly $3,000 on a pair of Jordans, he caps the transaction by worrying about what his mom will think. Bless you, Noah.

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