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This week is the first recess of the 115th Congress, a time that is normally set aside for representatives to hold town halls and hear what happens to be on their constituents’ minds. This fine, unseasonably warm winter, the thing on constituents’ minds just so happens to be a howling death-rattle from the edge of the abyss, an exhortation to not buckle to the whims of a racist authoritarian regime, a primal cry that there is still time yet and they are our hope and our voice, and also fuck Donald Trump. The massive upsurge in public activism since Trump took office has resulted in record-shattering protests and financial support for progressive organizations. Urged by influential organizational tools like Indivisible and Resistance Recess, it has also lead to some truly great town hall moments during this recess. Republican congresspeople are getting fucking destroyed out there.

Let’s start at the top, with a video of animatronic penis Mitch McConnell:


Please witness next the owning of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who despite his name is somehow not the antagonist of a 1930s children’s book:


Please continue by witnessing his owning by a 7-year-old:

The merry ol’ Trump Train is still tooting out misinformation about these being paid protestors, so here is some petty shit Coloradans did in response:


If you’ve ever wanted to see Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley shouted at, please continue:


Montana senator Steve Daines got owned by a man in a damn chicken suit:

The people were not ready for Iowa Senator Joni Ernst to end the meeting:


Representatives too chickenshit to face their constituents are getting owned in sometimes goofy ways:

#WHEREISPAULCOOK @RepPaulCook #LactoseIntolerant

— Where Is Paul Cook (@WhereIsPaulCook) February 22, 2017


There are many, many more such examples, particularly in the threads by MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin and NBC News editor Brad Jaffy. All this grassroots activism must be costing George Soros a fortune.

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