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Please enjoy Anderson Cooper spectacularly failing to drink shots of tequila on New Year's Eve

Like pretty much most of the rest of America, we stumbled blearily back into our offices this morning, heads pounding, and trying to make sense of the recent New Years holiday. What did we say to people? How much garbage did we eat? Which celebrity news personality sounds most like a wounded, bleating goat every time he drinks?

The answers to those first two questions, hopefully, will soon be lost to the annals of gin-soaked history. The third, though, has now been immortalized on live TV for all to enjoy, per this video compilation of CNN’s Anderson Cooper attempting to take shots of tequila during the network’s “Countdown To 2019" celebration on New Year’s Eve.


There are many things to celebrate about this clip—Cooper’s rising nervousness as each new cup of pain approaches, the full-body wince he exhibits every time he drinks, and especially the noises he makes in response to his “burning lungs”—but our favorite has got to be the increasingly incredulous look on co-host Andy Cohen’s face, which evolves from “Oh, you poor baby” to “Jesus Christ, dude” as the evening progresses.

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