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Please enjoy Anderson Cooper having enough of this shit

You know who’s had enough of this shit? Anderson Cooper has had enough of this shit. His recent announcement that muting Donald Trump on Twitter is good for your mental health proves that his tolerance for people spouting empty-headed idiocies has dropped dramatically since the days when he was host of dimwitted reality-TV series The Mole. Cooper again demonstrated his lack of patience for said shit last night on his show, when the surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey (just days after he requested more money for the agency’s Russia probe in a meeting with the very attorney general who then recommended he be let go—happy coincidence!) resulted in the White House releasing spokesperson Kellyanne Conway from whatever rock on the moon she sleeps under in order to comment on the move. And by “comment,” we mean “bring up completely irrelevant topics in the latest attempt to twist logic into a pretzel-like morass of incoherence.” In response, Cooper’s eyes roll so hard, they’re now riding higher than the magnificent seven.


The camera cuts away to the montage of candidate Trump praising the very behavior for which he’s now firing Comey before we get to see if Cooper had a similarly disgusted response to Conway muttering “Irrelevant” through a lugubrious smile, a retort which is presumably an official motto of this administration. But his disgust doesn’t keep him from pressing on and trying to get her to respond to the question, despite CNN knowing full well that Conway will do no such thing unless the question is, “On a scale of great to super-great, how great is this administration?” It’s hard to blame Cooper for not having this shit any more. Go on, take in a slo-mo version of the eye roll. It’s how we all feel.

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