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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Please don’t give this kid money for his potato salad Kickstarter

Forget normcore: The real harbinger of the Fall Of The Ironic Empire is the fact that some kid in Ohio has raised over $9,000 (and counting) to make a fucking potato salad. To be fair, Zack “Danger” Brown set a very reasonable goal of $10 when he created a Kickstarter campaign to help make his mustard-and-potato-based ambitions a reality. But then the tech blog CNET got ahold of it, then the local news (which adorably refers to the website as “Kickstart”), and now Brown is being inundated with legal currency from total strangers who refer to the project as “legendary,” “epic,” and “important to me on a deep and spiritual level.” Now a full-fledged ironic Internet phenomenon, “Potato Salad” is currently the number one project on Kickstarter with 90,829% funding and 25 days left to go. Reward options include a “potato-salad themed” hat, Brown saying your name out loud as he makes the potato salad, and bathing in the sweet, sweet tears of artists whose dreams will never become a reality because the Internet spent all of its money on a dumb joke about potato salad.


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