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Please, Democratic Party, fire all your sticker designers

Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty

The Democratic Party has a lot to sort out in the coming months and years, not just how to attempt to retake Congress in 2018 despite overwhelming statistical disadvantages but also, eventually, how to mount a convincing new appeal to a post-Trumpian American electorate. Fierce debates rage internally not just on who to place on the ticket but also who should be leading the party and what their core values should be.

One thing pretty much everyone can agree on? They need a new sticker team. Yesterday the Democratic Party sent out an email survey asking subscribers to vote on a fun new sticker as they head into the mid-term elections, and buddy, they all suck.

Screenshot: dccc.org

The messaging ranges from reactive—using Trump’s signature campaign phrase against him, or merely casting the party as the only alternative to Republicans—to the trite recitation of memes that have already become groan-worthy. This is to say nothing of the fonts, which look like invitations to a Pinterest wedding. The stickers distinctly evokes the message-less “I’m with her” and “Stronger Together” branding that failed to win a general election against Donald Fucking Trump. It’s the sort of anxiety-inspiring “Democratic party shits the bed” story everyone across the political spectrum could appreciate.


You can vote for your favorite embarrassing Democrat sticker here, and vote for whatever frazzled, equivocating centrist a computer algorithm determines will win your district in 2018.


[via Daily Dot]

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