We’ve got Internet nostalgia sign! Mystery Science Theater 3000, the classic cult movie-riffing series, had a long history of putting some of the schlubbiest, dumbest, ugliest, most poorly-costumed, and just plain weirdest characters in the history of cinema on its screen for Mike, Joel, and the Bots to mock. Artist Steve Seck celebrates that cast of robots, aliens, hobgoblins, denim-clad drifters, talking springs, androgynous music-sprite things, and more with his poster “Where’s Servo,” an homage to the classic Where’s Waldo books, featuring a character from every single episode of the show.


You can find a zoomed-in version of the poster here, perfect for all of your Torgo, Ortega, and Krankor viewing needs, or purchase a print of the poster at Seck’s online store.