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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Play this interactive emCommunity/em Halloween video thing, since thats as close as youre gonna get to a Halloween episode

Among the many reasons to lament the delay of Community's fourth season until sometime after you settle down and stop liking it so much is that fans will be robbed of any Community Halloween episode, an annual tradition that—like its Christmas specials—will now likely ring in the season long after you're completely sick of the holidays. But to fill the void in the meantime, NBC's website has offered this small consolation: The Community Horror Picture Show, an interactive video sort-of-game that allows you to choose your own path through past Halloween highlights, creating your own supercut of moments that you've already seen and enjoyed but which you'll just have to settle for watching, again and again. Like so many Community-related Internet things, it gives fans the illusion of input and control, so enjoy that.


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