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Play the woman card with Cards Against Humanity For Her

Screenshot: Cards Against Humanity

Ladies, put down the yogi tea, because there’s something else out there, designed just for us, that’s more life affirming, supportive, and tummy soothing than whatever’s in your manicured hand or closet. Cards Against Humanity has just released a woman-centered version of its game that promises to be more fun than a “Sandra Bullock movies and rosé“ night. The cards still follow the old “question” and “answer” format, and still have very little math involved—in fact, the game is exactly the same, but it’s now packaged in fuchsia, making it much more accessible for woman-identifying players. And, just like health care, you’ll pay more for it.


Now, instead of coming home and crying over some quinoa and a glass of wine, you can follow up your day of making 25 to 50 percent less than your male coworkers by pairing prompts about dropping acid with responses about micropigs. It’s always more fun (and advisable) to play with others, but this game won’t judge you if you’d rather spend a quiet night at home. Though they can’t offer any advice, these cards will listen as you freak out about Congress’ unrelenting attacks on your reproductive rights, or the Secretary Of Education meeting with accused rapists for their input on campus sexual assault.

Cards Against Humanity For Her is currently for sale—at a markup—with all profits going to EMILY’S List. She sounds nice.

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