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Play our Community trivia challenge and win a fabulous, hooded prize

Since Community fans are nothing if not obsessed with details (and also make up a sizable amount of our readership), The A.V. Club has decided to mark tonight’s third-season finale with a Community-themed trivia contest. The prize: One winner will lay claim to a one-of-a-kind hoodie featuring the timeline diagram from “Remedial Chaos Theory,” courtesy of soon-to-be-departing producer Neil Goldman and generous A.V. Club reader Tom, a.k.a. @GCCHumanBeing. Over the course of the afternoon, we’ll send out five questions (written by Tom, who gets to do that because he won the hoodie in the first place and was cool enough to offer it up to you) from @AVTVClub; the first person to send all five correct answers to avcontests@theonion.com wins the hoodie (note: please send all five answers at the same time), as well as the respect and admiration (and seething jealousy) of their fellow Community fans. Good luck, “Pop pop!,” watch out for Blorgons, etc.


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