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Planet Of The Apes prequel will star "photo-realistic" apes

Time and again while indulging in a Planet Of The Apes movie marathon we’ve found ourselves lamenting, “The story is certainly compelling, but we just can’t get past the emotional disconnect caused by those costumes. If only the apes were rendered in photo-realistic CGI, we could feel something.” Fortunately, 20th Century Fox has heard our softly whispered prayers, enlisting Avatar visual effects house WETA Digital to do just that for every chimpan-A to chimpan-Z on its forthcoming prequel, Rise Of The Apes, due June 24, 2011. The move toward realism is all part of the film's “reality-based cautionary tale,” which is apparently intended to warn all the genetic engineers in the audience of the dangers of instilling super-intelligence in their own lab monkeys, lest they overtake us and instill their own ape-led oligarchy—which is probably what the Mayans were trying to warn us about. Here’s hoping the message reaches us in time.


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