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Planet Earth II is coming to BBC America in January

Planet Earth II

The planet Earth is a weird and wonderful place with fantastical surprises hiding around every corner. As a matter of fact, the planet is so weird and wonderful that BBC’s 2006 documentary series Planet Earth couldn’t even capture all of its majesty, which is why the BBC and narrator David Attenborough have reunited for a sequel series called Planet Earth II. (Also, thanks to global warming, the planet probably looks a bit different now than it did in 2006, so going for another spin is a good idea.)

Now, for people who are very excited to sit inside and gawk at the amazing things happening outside once again, BBC America has announced that Planet Earth II will premiere on January 28 in the United States. That comes from a press release, which adds that this new series will “go further, get closer, and capture behavior and places that would have been impossible 10 years ago.” Also, though the press release doesn’t specifically point this out, it’s probably worth noting that Planet Earth II is merely a second look at our planet, and not a high-definition documentary series about Earth 2—the alternate reality where all of the animals are evil.


You can see a new teaser trailer for Planet Earth II below, and a slightly older teaser trailer at this link.

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