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Planes blow up and time goes backwards in the new Tenet trailer

It’s to the credit of Christopher Nolan’s new brain-bending action thriller Tenet that the method of its latest trailer’s release—which required logging in to the video game Fortnite, where star John David Washington introduced it on a virtual big screen while children pelted it with plunger arrows, beach balls, and more—still wasn’t its most confusing or intriguing aspect. As promised, the trailer answered just enough questions to get our brains humming, including repeating the assertion that the movie isn’t about “time travel,” but “inversion.” Or, as one character puts it: “You’re not shooting the bullet. You’re catching it.”

What does that mean? We have no idea, honestly, any more than we know exactly when the film will arrive in theaters—despite the big block letters assuring fans/Twitch streamers that it will. Tenet was originally scheduled to premiere on July 17. Warner Bros. is still sticking to that date on its YouTube post of the trailer, but the video itself is notably short on dates.

Filmed in seven countries, Nolan’s film merges sci-fi high concept with some good-old-fashioned “let’s blow shit up” effects work; we’re especially excited to see that massive plane crash Robert Pattinson’s apparently hoping to stage, running backwards in time or not. The film’s trailer will continue to air in Fortnite at the top of every hour for the next few days, although you can also just, you know, click the link above if you don’t feel like hanging out with the peanut gallery to see it.

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