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Plan a trip to Westeros with this helpful Google map of the region

The opening credits of Game Of Thrones zooms and swoops over places of note in Westeros and beyond, but it’s difficult to visualize just where everything is in relation to each other in the Seven Kingdoms. Danny Selvag’s Esty store MangoLife has the map in pleasant Google maps style, easing the charting of, say, Sansa’s latest trip from the Eyrie to Winterfell, or seeing where Dorne even is in relation to King’s Landing.


“As a big fan of the show I wanted to create a more relatable map of the fantasy world,” said Selvag. “Using the same design as Google maps—which I use almost every day—it became easier to relate and understand Westeros.” The map briefly sold out after Selvag posted it on the Game Of Thrones sub-Reddit.

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