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Pizza ice cream is here, and probably delicious as hell

Photo: Instagram @littlebabysic

Here at The A.V. Club, we’ve learned to no longer mock the monster mash-ups of disparate foods that our dear readers love clicking about so much. Sushi croissant? Tacos with fried chicken shell? Bring it on. Where once our knee-jerk reaction was feigned horror, now, the burden of proof is to convince us this monster hybrid food isn’t delicious. Because we as a nation will eat anything, and reacting with snark is a defense mechanism that proves we’re still capable of feeling some shame. But that collective attitude has shifted: we are officially shameless, and proud of it.

And so comes word that a Philadelphia ice cream parlor called Little Baby’s is causing a stir with its pizza-flavored ice cream. What’s more, the shop is nearby a pizza-themed museum/restaurant called Pizza Brain, and photos are circulating on social media of slices of pizza served a la mode. This flavor is not new to the shop (the photo above was taken in 2014), but Circa has posted a video of how the shop makes this ice cream, and it looks to be from actual pizza components, not some artificial powdery gunk.


The ice cream takes crushed tomatoes, garlic, basil, red peppers and fresh cream to make a product that Circa says is “a surprising balance of flavors that tastes better than it sounds.” You know what? Good for them. It probably tastes goddamn delicious. May they do fantastic business. Get your righteous indignation out of your system, type out “nuh-uh brah” and “they have gone too far!” if it makes you feel better, but then let’s go to Philly and eat some Tony Luke’s and pizza ice cream.

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