Somebody has to say it: Japanese pizza is fucking awful. There’s not a nomihodai special in the world that can redeem the ill-conceived mishmash of corn, mayonnaise, hot dogs, and seafood on offer in your average Japanese pizza chain. But what Japan lacks in pizza-making prowess it more than makes up for in its No. 2 entertainment export, cute cat videos (big-eyed anime girls in school uniforms being No.1). And Pizza Hut’s new Japanese ad campaign absolves the company of many of its previous, shrimp-based sins.

The premise of the ads is that somewhere in Japan there is a Pizza Hut franchise run entirely by cats—probably next to the train station also run by a cat. The ads follow the crew as they go through the various steps of pizza-making and delivery, including wearing silly hats, ignoring phone calls, riding Roombas, and being afraid of the cash register. It’s enough to give an efficiency expert a panic attack, but it apparently works pretty well because the cats get paid, albeit in catnip. Besides, who’s in a hurry to eat a rice cake and cod roe pizza, anyway?

[via Foodbeast]