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Pizza Hut expands the BOOK IT! program to adults, kind of

To celebrate both the 30th anniversary of its reading-incentive program and the obsession with nostalgia that keeps Americans locked in a perpetual state of suspended adolescence, Pizza Hut is now letting adults participate in BOOK IT!.

In a press release announcing the new BOOK IT! Alumni page, BOOK IT! program manager Shelley Morehead says, “The number one thing we get asked by any adult who went through the program is can we please develop an adult version of the BOOK IT! program,” because why bother sitting through an entire book if you’re not going to get pizza at the end? “With the creation of the BOOK IT! Alumni page, we now have a destination to celebrate the positive memories that so many kids, now adults, have with the program,” she adds.


Unfortunately, the BOOK IT! Alumni program does not (yet) have a system of pizza-based incentives to motivate adults to read (you’ll just have to keep doing that for its own sake). But sign up on the BOOK IT! website and you’ll receive a coupon for a personal pan pizza, redeemable at your local Pizza Hut between October 1-10. There, you can sit and eat your pizza, secure in the knowledge that you finished all of the Maze Runner books—even the prequel.

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