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Pixies announce their first new album in 23 years

The Pixies will release Indie Cindy, the group’s first new album since 1991, later this year. Cindy will hit stores April 28, 23 years after Trompe Le Monde, and is available now for pre-order via Amazon, iTunes, and other retail outlets. The record was produced by Gil Norton, who also made Doolittle and Bossanova; original Pixie Kim Deal was not involved. (Deal’s absence is just one reason fans might be wise to lower expectations, especially given the lackluster nature of new tracks like “Bagboy.”) A full tracklist is below.

Indie Cindy tracklist:

1. What Goes Boom

2. Greens And Blues

3. Indie Cindy

4. Bagboy

5. Magdalena 318

6. Silver Snail

7. Blue Eyed Hexe

8. Ring The Bell

9. Another Toe In The Ocean

10. Andro Queen

11. Snakes

12. Jaime Bravo


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