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As part of the company’s continuing commitment to giving audiences more of what they’ve seen and liked, Pixar is currently hard at work prepping two Brad Bird movies, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, for 3-D rerelease. That’s right: Soon, the delectable culinary creations of Gusteau's will look three-dimensional enough to eat, while Frozone’s ice-based projectiles will seem to come right at you oh my God. There’s no word yet on when or in what order these stereoscopic conversions will open. But given that this will be the first year since 2005 that Pixar won’t have a new movie in theaters, it wouldn’t be shocking to see either by the holidays—especially given that next year’s features, Inside Out and the delayed The Good Dinosaur, are both brand-new properties. Whenever they arrive, parents should take heart: That movie they’ve sat through 86 times will look a little different the 87th time! That’s got to be worth $17 a ticket, right?


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