Any indie rocker who’s suffered the lash of Pitchfork’s verbiage over the years may finally get their vicarious revenge in the Duplass Brothers’ new film. Directors Mark and Jay Duplass will further the growing mainstream attention that began with last year’s Cyrus in the thriller Pitchfork, about a mother whose indie-rocker son is killed in a car accident, and her seeking revenge on the Pitchfork reviewer who trashed his music—a mission complicated after she discovers that he’s just a teenager. The film is just in its early stages, but the Duplasses are interested in Susan Sarandon playing the mother, and possibly their Cyrus star Jonah Hill to play the teenaged blogger, who will apparently be afflicted with progeria. Seriously, Hill’s getting a bit too old to play teenagers. Anyway, whoever ends up starring, this film seems sure to attract plenty of repeat business from the members of The Airborne Toxic Event, and if they bring their string quartet that’s like nine people right there.