With all manner of bloggy-come-latelys debuting their own live-band performance shows, it takes a cool gimmick to stand out from the pack—like, say, forcing bands to cover songs they may or may not be comfortable with while members of your writing staff take turns hitting on the band members’ significant others just off camera. Pitchfork’s new POV series has a pretty cool gimmick of its own, allowing viewers to choose from six different camera angles while watching the bands play, something that works really well for a sprawling group like Broken Social Scene. You can check out the indie-rock collective doing three songs—including Texico Bitches,” “Meet Me In The Basement,” and a random improvisational number—in the debut episode of POV, whether you want to look at a static full-band shot, get all up in Kevin Drew’s face, or even stream all six at once like a mall security cam.